A complete software solution for design, estimating, quoting and manufacturing of countertops.
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About Topaz
The first software of its kind, TOPaz is specifically designed for the unique challenges posed by countertop production. TOPaz offers a fully customizable quoting and estimating package integrated with single click CAD drawing and CNC machine linking. If you are a countertop manufacturer contact us today and begin discovering all that TOPaz can do for you.

Integrated Business Tools
Take your business to the next level with TOPaz's integrated business tools. Manage orders, material inventory and customer information and use the built-in reporting tools to merge data with professional business documents like quotes, cost estimates and work orders.
Easy-to-use Drawing Tools
Quickly create complex countertop layouts with backsplashes, cutouts, curves and contours using TOPaz's complete set of intuitive drawing tools. TOPaz even detects and suggests viable joins/seams and features an integrated protractor tool for precise angle adjustments as well as a dimensioning tool
Manufacturing Tools
TOPaz can generate CNC files for your router, output parts information to ARDIS optimization software, or create detailed shop drawings complete with dimensions and individual work piece information.


  • Integrated quoting, costing (material and labor) and inventory management
  • Integrated customer database and record keeping
  • Complete set of drawing tools allows you to create virtually any countertop
  • Import layouts from digital templating software and .dxf files
  • Output to CNC equipment for precision machine programming
  • Integrated material yield optimization maximizes material efficiency
  • Customize your own macros, reports and tools

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