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The situation much of America - not to mention the rest of the world - finds itself in is virtually unprecedented in living memory. It has been quite an eye-opening experience for me, and likely for many of you as well. 2 weeks ago, as part of our efforts to help limit the spread of this virus, Eurosoft asked all employees to work from home until further notice, the first time in our history where we have gone almost completely remote. I can’t remember the last time the office was this empty, and the streets had so few cars. It makes the drive to work more pleasant, but it is a bit eerie… this is what the world with social distancing and self-quarantines looks like.

Having our employees work from home is just one of the steps Eurosoft has taken to protect our communities and our loved ones, and do our little part to help control this virus. Our task is made easier by the fact that we are a technology company and can operate pretty much like normal since all we need is electricity and a working internet connection. Technology has allowed us to weather an unprecedented crisis like this one since it allows us to isolate and protect the most precious but also most fragile component of our modern industrialized society: the human beings. Since our modern societies cannot function without manufacturing (who would make and distribute food or medical equipment in a health crisis if there was no manufacturing?) the manufacturing industry also needs to be able to use technology to pitch in when humans are not able to for their own protection. These are not just abstract musings: a customer who had already undertaken a facility modernization project, was told recently by the state authorities that they would be required to make furniture for hospitals. Therefore their automation project was more necessary than ever.

This pandemic will call many assumptions of how things ought to be into question. Our conclusions must be drawn and executed very carefully. One result, however, seems to be a foregone conclusion: automation technology will be needed more than ever, not just because it makes the goods produced cheaper or improves quality, but because automation helps us protect and defend each other in a crisis.

Of course, as business owners we also feel the uncertainty of these times and worry about the future. Many of you are in the same boat. We want to assure our customers and partners that we will always strive to provide exceptional support and services, even under extenuating circumstances. Please contact us as you have before, you should not notice any difference in our support or sales availability, or just to call in to chat about what is going on in your life and business. We at Eurosoft hope to be a stone that you can lean against during these times and build a better future on.

All the best,

Alex Liedl
Alex Liedl is Director of Administration
and Marketing at Eurosoft, Inc.

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