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AWFS 2017
July 19th-22nd
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IWF 2018
August 22-25th
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Eurosoft completes 10th Winstore Integration
New Product Announcement: DataLink
February 9th 2017
A New Resource for Data Integration
Eurosoft’s developers have been working diligently on a software solution to one of the more annoying software problems our industry is facing on a daily basis: the largely incompatible "languages" machines from different vendors speak, and getting data from 1 to the other. Eurosoft has created a flexible conversion program, called Datalink, that facilitates compatibility between different machines and code formats: MPR, NC or CIX to name a few. One data type goes in and another comes out!
More about DataLink:
Eurosoft completes 10th Winstore Integration
New Eurosoft Developer
February 9th 2017
Tessie Choo joins the Eurosoft Team
The Eurosoft success story continues... again! In June of 2016 Eurosoft hired a new graduate fresh out of college with a bachelor of science degree to support Eurosoft product development. We are happy to say that even during her 6 month probationary period it became clear that Tessie would, and already had, become a valuable and trusted member of the Eurosoft team. We are excited about Tessie's potential and look forward to seeing her growth as a developer continue!
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