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News 2022
BlueCell v. 2.0
New Major Update. BlueCell Version 2.0 Released
October 2022
Updates to our Optimization & Nesting Software
BlueCell 2.0 was released at the IWF 2022 trade show in Atlanta. The release includes major updates to the design and graphics of the user interface including the addition of a comprehensive machining data display as well as updates to our pattern and grain formations editing interfaces. Performance and technology were also a focus, the changes including a more intuitive import process, simplified yield VS stacking designation, enhanced CNC and Beam Saw settings as well as the addition of command line script execution. Please contact us for more details!
3DBinPacking Partnership
Partnership with
June 2022
Optimization in 3D Space!
We're happy to announce our partnership with! Now in addition to our own modern material yield solutions for manufacturing, we can also offer optimization of 3D space for packing and shipping requirements. Eurosoft products integrate directly with 3DBinPacking to automate the transfer of part data and user requirements. 3DBinPacking does the rest! This includes the best packing solution for the parts (or boxes, etc.) provided as well as step by step instructions and reports. Eurosoft is authorized to provide incentives that are not otherwise available directly. Contact us to learn more!
News 2020
Work From Home
Work From Home
March 2020
Our response to the Coronavirus Outbreak
On March 16th Eurosoft took measures to transition all employees to a work from home status, the first time in our history that we have gone completely remote based. The health of our customers, employees and community is extremely important to us and we hope these measures will contribute to fighting the spread of the virus. Our customers and partners should not notice any difference in Eurosoft staff availability or service quality during this time.
Biesse Seminar Presentation
Featured Biesse Seminar Presentation
November 6th 2019
Seminar Topic: Manufacturing Execution System- the next “must have” in automation
Join us at Biesse's Charlotte Campus for this one day seminar featuring a presentation from Eurosoft's President, John Liedl. We'll focus our presentation on one of the hottest topics in manufacturing software right now - Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES). Learn what it is, what it does, and how it relates to the factory floor, manufacturing data, and the office. Come join us and Biesse at this fun and educational event!
More info on the Seminar:
News 2019
BlueCell Training
Eurosoft In-House BlueCell Training
November 13th-15th 2019
Training Topic: BlueCell- Optimization and Nesting Software
Join us at our in-house BlueCell training event here at Eurosoft, Inc. in Cary, NC from November 13th through the 15th! Learn more about your BlueCell optimization and nesting software, find new ways to enhance integration at your location(s), and boost your manufacturing productivity. Get exclusive one on one time with our experts, learn pro tips & tricks, as well as receive training on programming your own scripts, and so much more. Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity!
More info on the Training:
Biesse Seminar Presentation
Featured Biesse Seminar Presentation
May 3rd 2019
Seminar Topic: What's Wrong with the Software?
Join us at the Biesse America West Coast showroom in Anaheim, CA for this half day seminar (as part of the 2 day Inside Event) featuring a presentation from Eurosoft's President, John Liedl. John will be speaking about typical complaints with software used in the industry, along with misperceptions and common mistakes. He'll offer recommendations and guidelines to follow to help with software implementation, troubleshooting and maximizing the potential of your software. John's presenation is followed by lunch and then another demonstration from Biesse's Andrea Gargamelli.
More info on the Seminar:
News 2018
BlueCell v. 1.4
BlueCell Version 1.4 Released
December 21st 2018
Online Licensing and Speed Improvements
We're happy to announce the release of BlueCell V. 1.4! The latest version of the BlueCell Optimization & Nesting software features an update to online licensing. With online licensing, BlueCell can be authenticated immediately from anywhere in the world. No update and no new license file needed after purchase. Also on the licensing side, floating license functionality has been added, allowing users to grab from a pool of licenses that become free again when the software is not in use. We've also made overall speed improvements when posting and saving. A new add on option, Optimization Queue is supported by version 1.4. It allows multiple users to queue together optimizations from multiple jobs for batch production.
More info on BlueCell:
Inside Biesse Fall 2018
Featured Presenters at Biesse Event
October 25th 2018
Live presentation: How Proper Remnant Management can Help your Bottom Line
Come join us at the Biesse Charlotte Campus for Biesse's Fall Inside Event on October 25th! Bring your questions about optimization, nesting, integration, etc. and we'll be happy to discuss those with you. We also have the honor of hosting one of the 3 seminars being offered by Biesse at the event: John Liedl, our president, will be speaking about Remnant Management: The process and how it works, and if done properly, how it can quickly bring a return on investment. We'd be thrilled to see you there!
Event Info:
AWISA Participation
New Eurosoft Team Members
October 5th 2018
Already Making an Impact
In 2017 and early 2018, we added a number of new members to the Eurosoft family:
1) Steve Fulton - August 2017: Developer
2) Zudelky Torres - November 2017: Support
3) Logan Reinecke - February 2018: Developer
4) Hilberto Ayala - June 2018: Developer

This year we took advantage of the proximity to send the whole Eurosoft team to the IWF trade show in Atlanta. This gave our new team members a chance to see what the industry has to offer, an opportunity to see and talk to many of our partners and customers that they have worked with. We're excited by the potential of this young group of stars! In the picture from left to right: Hilberto, Logan, Zudelky and Steve.
InStock V4.0
InStock Version 4.0 Released
September 12th 2018
A Facelift and New Functionality
The next version of InStock, Eurosoft's Remnant and Inventory Management software, is now available! Version 4 features an improved user interface, upgraded to make use of the most modern controls and enhanced user functionality. In addition, new features have been added and include: New barcode scanning capabilities, such as scan while minimized, an undo/redo system for simpler historical editing, and python scripting support for enhanced automation and custom extensions. Upgrade or get a demo of the new and improved InStock to see how it can help you make sense of a chaotic inventory and remnant system.
More about InStock:
AWISA Participation
Finding Eurosoft at IWF 2018
July 9th 2018
You'll Find Eurosoft Everywhere You Go!
The big trade show is just around the corner! IWF will take place August 22nd-25th in Atlanta Georgia and Eurosoft will be well represented. We'll be manning our own booth (#4446, our biggest booth to date) but can also be found at many of our partners: For starters: We'll have someone at the Biesse America booths (#7335, 7553, 7535) to help answer questions regarding Winstore integration software. We’ll also have a team member on rotation at the Schelling/Ima and C.R. Onsrud booths (side by side respectively in booths #5013 & #4813) as the "conductor" of an integrated MES parts tracking and distribution system linking Saws, edgebanders and routers from all members of the A4IS Alliance. You'll also find CuttingEdge, Eurosoft's new edgebanding monitoring software, on display at the IWF Challengers Award and New Product Showcases.
Event Info:
AWISA Participation
Eursoft Participating at AWISA
June 26th 2018
Eurosoft Heads Down Under
Eurosoft will be making the journey from our HQ here in Raleigh, North Carolina to Sydney, Australia for the bi-annual AWISA Trade show! We will be there between July 4th-7th to support our partner, IdacsPLUS (booth# 1204), who distributes our BlueCell Optimization and Nesting solution to the Australian market. IdacsPLUS has an invigorated team of leaders and industry experts to help point you in the right direction when it comes to your software needs. In addition to BlueCell we will be available to demo our other software products including Label printing, material management, MES and job tracking solutions. This is our first trip into Australia and we look forward to re-establishing relationships and forming new ones. Please join us!
Event Info:
Partner: Autokitchens
Featured Presenters at the Inside Biesse Event: Charlotte, NC
April 19th 2018
Live presentation: MES Software- The next "must have" in automation
We'll be at the first Inside Biesse event of the year on April 19th-20th at Biesse's Charlotte Campus. We'll be available on both days for questions/discussions and also have the honor of hosting one of four free seminars being offered by Biesse. We'll focus our presentation on one of the hottest topics in manufacturing software right now - Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), how MES fits into Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT). Come join us and Biesse at this fun and educational event!
Event Info:
Partner: Autokitchens
Featured Speakers at Tech Center Grand Opening
March 28th 2018
IOT and MES presentation at Machine Solutions Tech Center Grand Opening
Eurosoft is pleased to announce our participation at the Grand Opening of the new Tech Center at Machine Solutions, LLC in Jasper, IN on Wednesday, March 28th. The event will feature presentations of modern equipment for the woodworking industry as well as educational seminars. Eurosoft will have the honor of holding a seminar under the title: “IOT and MES – Internet of Things and Manufacturing Execution Systems: Just acronyms or the next “must have” in automation?”.
We will also introduce a brand new software solution that catapults the traditionally least automated piece of equipment – the edge bander – into the world of IOT and MES. We are honored by the trust our partner Machine Solutions has in our capabilities and hope you will find the time to attend!
Event Info:
Partner: Autokitchens
Expanded Partnership with 2020
Jan. 8th 2018
Big plans for the New Year!
We would like to announce an exciting new partnership agreement between 2020 and Eurosoft, Inc.: The 2 companies have entered into an OEM agreement under which 2020 will promote Eurosoft’s BlueCell “Optimization and Nesting Solution” software worldwide in conjunction with their ERP solution 2020 Insight.

2020 is one of the world's largest software solution providers dedicated to the woodworking industry. We know that 2020 had other options but chose us – it is an honor as well as a challenge for us to continue to strengthen our efforts to provide the best automation software solutions to our customers and partners in the industry.
More about 2020:
News 2017
Partner: Autokitchens
Announcing: Ownership Transition
Dec. 22nd 2017
Planning for the future
Beginning in 2018 Eurosoft will begin a transition to a new leadership team and ownership structure. Owners and founders John and Renate Liedl will gradually transfer leadership of the company to 3 directors: Aaron Scholl, Director of Development, Roman Liedl, Director of Sales and Support, and Alex Liedl, Director of Administration and Marketing. The change in leadership reflects the dramatic change in Eurosoft’s business over the last 4 years. The three directors will coordinate a quickly growing team of young talent in an industry that is rapidly evolving to adapt to automation and an ever changing software and technology landscape.
Article and Picture:
Partner: Autokitchens
Announcing: Direct Grain matched import
Dec. 1st 2017
Import Grain Matched Formation data directly from your Engineering Software into BlueCell
To get the Grain Matched Formations, BlueCell queries the databases of popular engineering and design softwares such as 2020, CabinetVision and Microvellum. This info is imported into BlueCell, ready for processing to the router or panel saw with the Grain formations intact as defined in the design software including gaps, reveals, offsets. etc. After the optimization BlueCell simplifies the cutting logic behind the scenes and treats the parts in the Grain Formation as individual parts again, not as a blank first, and then a sub pattern later.
More about BlueCell:
Partner: Autokitchens
Schelling IMA Open House Integrators
Sept. 8th 2017
Partnering for a Successful Industry 4.0 Showcase
To mark the occassion of its 100 year anniversary, Schelling has announced an "Open House" at their Morrisville, NC headquarters featuring partner seminars and live technology demonstrations using IMA Schelling equipment. Eurosoft has the honor of providing the software solutions for the technology demonstration: We'll extract manufacturing data from Solidworks models using COBUS NCAD and a Solidwork plugin, optimize the data using BlueCell, print labels in real-time at the Schelling saw using our label printing solution ImPrint, create G-Codes for a Bima Work Center using NCAD, as well as monitor and track the whole progress of parts through the factory using SquareOne, our MES solution. In addition, we'll be speakers at 2 of the seminars, 1 each day, the topic: MES Software and its Automation Components
More about the Open House:
Alliance: A4IS
Formation of A4IS Solutions Alliance
July 6th 2017
Alliance for Integrated Work-cell Technology
The A4IS (Alliance 4 Integrated Systems) is a dedicated group of premium brands (C.R. Onsrud, Eurosoft, Schelling/Ima), with experience providing engineered solutions across a range of industries - from wood, to metal to advanced materials and composites. This strategic alliance brings together leading product lines committed to delivering cutting-edge innovation, seamless communication and world-class technical support. With the advanced power of Osync Analytics delivering continuous monitoring, feedback and predictive analysis, A4IS enables you to plan for the groth of your business. Get more info about A4IS at any of our Booths at the AWFS in Vegas! C.R. Onsrud: #4818, Schelling/Ima: # 8411, Eurosoft: #4161.
More about A4IS:
Partner: Autokitchens
New Partnership Formed with Autokitchen (Microcad Software)
July 3rd 2017
A Partnership for Kitchen Design to Machine
Autokitchen, a leading kitchen and bath design software built on the AutoCAD engine, with offices in the USA, UK and Spain, and Eurosoft have entered into a partnership agreement with the goal of combining Autokitchen's strength as an easy to use point-of-sale design software solution with Eurosoft's twenty-one years of experience in the manufacturing industry. The combined software solution will cover the full distance from exceptional on-screen presentation of a kitchen all the way to production data for the shop floor. A prototype of the new seamless software solution will be shown at the AWFS 2017 in Las Vegas in July.
More about Autokitchen:
New Product Announcement: DataLink
February 9th 2017
A New Resource for Data Integration
Eurosoft’s developers have been working diligently on a software solution to one of the more annoying software problems our industry is facing on a daily basis: the largely incompatible “languages” machines from different vendors speak, and getting data from 1 to the other. Eurosoft has created a flexible conversion program, called Datalink, that facilitates compatibility between different machines and code formats: MPR, NC or CIX to name a few. One data type goes in and another comes out!
More about DataLink:
New Eurosoft Developer
February 9th 2017
Tessie Choo joins the Eurosoft Team
The Eurosoft success story continues... again! In June of 2016 Eurosoft hired a new graduate fresh out of college with a bachelor of science degree to support Eurosoft product development. We are happy to say that even during her 6 month probationary period it became clear that Tessie would, and already had, become a valuable and trusted member of the Eurosoft team. We are excited about Tessie's potential and look forward to seeing her growth as a developer continue!
Eurosoft Exhibiting at LIGNA 2017
January 9th 2017
Kicking Off 2017 with Big Plans!
We're reaching out and exporting automation technology from America to other parts of the world. Eurosoft will exhibit at the LIGNA tradeshow for the 1st time in our history this coming year representing our products and looking for opportunities. The LIGNA is the largest trade show for the woodworking industry. Held every 2 years in Hannover, Germany, it attracts almost twice as many exhibitors as the largest trade show in North America (The IWF in Atlanta), has 3 times the floor space and draws 5 – 6 times more visitors.
More about LIGNA:
News 2016
BlueCell in Europe
BlueCell takes Root in Europe!
December 16th 2016
AFS Ltd. uses BlueCell at Shop for Disabled in First Install of BlueCell in Europe
In addition to recent installs in Australia, we are also finding a lot of interest for a new optimization solution in Europe. Accommodation Furniture Solutions (AFS) ltd., is the first install of BlueCell in that neck of the woods. AFS produces furniture out of their 54,000sqft factory located in Swansea (UK). Originally known as Remploy, the company was formed to provide employment for disabled soldiers after the 2nd World War. AFS continues this tradition today, offering employment to a workforce that is 100% disabled. The work they do offers many of the employees a life-line, building something with their hands is a very positive, rewarding experience. Eurosoft is proud to work alongside AFS in this endeavor.
More about AFS:
New BlueCell Lit
New BlueCell Literature
December 12th 2016
New BlueCell Literature to peruse!
We've updated and expanded our BlueCell literature to correspond with the release of BlueCell v. 1.2. The new main leaflet is now a 4 page document that replaces the previous double sided leaflet. With the additional room, we are able to provide more information about BlueCell, what it is, how it works and why it is better as well as update the newest features and available BlueCell package configurations. The main leaflet can be viewed and downloaded from here.
Eurosoft completes 10th Winstore Integration
New Eurosoft Support Team Member
October 3rd 2016
Eurosoft Success Story Continues!
Casey Allen joined the Eurosoft team in March of 2016 to add extra manpower to our support and quality control departments. She has now successfully completed her onboard training for Eurosoft products with flying colors and has already made an impact helping customers who call in with support questions. Casey has a background in manufacturing (textiles & metals) and has a keen interest in machines and learning new technologies. We are happy to welcome her onboard!
Eurosoft completes 10th Winstore Integration
BlueCell Version 1.2 Released!
August 17th 2016
New Features:
- CNC Machining Support: Import, display and postprocess machining data milling, drilling and pockets
- Additional standard import formats: dxf, cpout, saw, fxm, cix, ptx and more
- Additional CNC post-processors for GCode formats
- Improvements to block nested patterns
- Improvements to panel saw algorithm
- Multiple enhancements of standard features such as Grain Matching
Link to BlueCell Product page:
Eurosoft completes 10th Winstore Integration
Eurosoft completes 10th Winstore integration:
June 13th 2016
Last month Eurosoft and Biesse America passed a milestone – 10 Winstore installations & integrations completed! Implementing a storage and retrieval system is always a large project, but the North American Market - with its large range of software solutions - adds a new dimension: the integration of software from multiple vendors into a fully automated system. Eurosoft is proud to have worked with Biesse on these projects and looks forward to many more successful projects in the future!
Link to Biesse Winstore Info:
BlueCell Version 1.1 Released!
BlueCell Version 1.1 Released!
March 17th 2016
New Features:
- Drag and drop pattern editor
- Grain formations function to keep multiple parts (drawer fronts, doors) together in the optimization process
- “Continuous production” with hierarchical priorities for parts
- Part families to produce part orders in a user defined sequence while maintaining high yield
- Selection of the highest yielding material size(s) from multiple available sizes
- Flexible, user-definable data import with filtering capabilities
- Functions to support easy access to technical support including data transfer for quick problem analysis
Video Links
Celebrating 20 years!
Celebrating 20 years!
March 3rd 2016
This year marks our 20th year serving the North American manufacturing industry!

In 1996, CEO John Liedl and CFO Renate Liedl opened our doors with the goal of introducing the most innovative technology from Europe to North America. Our first suite of products was diverse; among other things it included software for electromagnetic design. Over time our focus shifted towards manufacturing software, software development and specialized integration projects. As the company evolved into what it is today, we took care not to lose sight of the principles instilled by our founders, nor what really made Eurosoft successful: the customers and partners that put their trust in us. We are proud of our sterling reputation for customer service and integrity, and will continue to seek out and promote the highest quality software and technology. We would like to thank our customers and partners for their support, in good times and in bad, and look forward to working with and serving you for many years to come!
SquareOne will compete for the IWF 2016's Challengers Award
SquareOne will compete for the IWF 2016's Challengers Award
February 4th 2016
We have a strong entry for this year's IWF 2016 Challengers Award Competition

SquareOne: Job Tracking Software. Square one tracks the progress and efficiency of orders as they move through the manufacturing process. The status of the entire order, or of any individual component or assembly that makes up the order, can be viewed at any time. This real-time feedback allows SquareOne users to better gauge the current work load on the factory floor and schedule upcoming orders accordingly. In addition, SquareOne tracks time spent at each "station" in the manufacturing process allowing identification of bottlenecks and other inefficiencies. The SquareOne database stores a wealth of data that can be used to improve future delivery and labor estimates allowing for better quoting, better scheduling and ultimately, happier customers.

Challengers Award Finalist are selected March 11th.
For more info on SquareOne:
News 2015
ImPrint Version 2.0 released!
ImPrint Version 2.0 released!
October 8th 2015
We're pleased to release ImPrint v2.0, the next generation of our label printing and design software for automated and manual parts labeling.

New Features:
- Updated user interface with modern Windows 7-8 controls
- Integrated with BlueCell Optimization software
- Dynamic colors: Allows printing of color coded label fields. Color is set dynamically based on data of current label being printed

- Dynamic colors in layout view: Allows the color of parts in layouts to be set based on properties of the part
- Support for additional nested result file types: .dxf, .cix, blueCell block nest
For more info on ImPrint:
See a free Webcast
See a free Webcast
October 7th 2015
Topic: Panel Processing in the 21st Century
We've joined forces with Schelling/Ima and the Woodworking Network for an educational Webinar. Topic: Panel Processing in the 21st Century. The presenters are John Liedl, president of Eurosoft, and Rene Fritz, sales manager at our Partner Schelling/Ima. John and Rene will talk about the changing technologies and production concepts currently occurring in the manufacturing industry and what manufactuers can do to take advantage of these changes and strengthen their competitive edge. Please join us!
To see a recording of the Webinar, click the link below:
Eurosoft Strengthens Relationship with Biesse
Eurosoft Strengthens Relationship with Biesse
July 15th 2015
We are proud to announce that Eurosoft will be the support structure for Biesse's bSuite and Opti-Planning software.

The strengthened relationship will also allow Biesse and Eurosoft to expand the integration of inventory management systems.

"Eurosoft has six software engineers with vast experience in the woodworking industry, making this a great value to Biesse's customer base," said Randy Jamison, Biesse's vice president of primary accounts. "Both Eurosoft and Biesse are dedicated to providing the highest level of service and support and our new partnership will give us the ability to provide faster and more efficient response to requests."
For more info on Biesse:
John Liedl, President and CEO of Eurosoft Inc., will be presenting on the Tech Stage at AWFS
July 13th 2015
Topic: What to look for in Modern Manufacturing Software
When: Wednesday, July 22nd at 11:15am
Where: The Stage (Booth 5531)

We're excited to announce that John Liedl, president and CEO of Eurosoft, will be presenting at The Stage on Wednesday July22 at 11:15am to discuss "What to look for in Modern Manufacturing Software". John, a well-known and respected industry veteran, studied at and earned a degree in mathematics at the University of Technology in Vienna and has applied that knowledge in advancing the fields of optimization and nesting software in the manufacturingindustries for the past 20+ years. John has seen great changes in how software is perceived in the industry, from its beginnings as just a curiosity, to its acceptance as a useful add-on, and finally to its current form as something modern manufacturers cannot survive without. As part of a large team of software developers here at Eurosoft developing modern software solutions and who work with many of the largest companies and machine manufacturers in the industry, John has some of the most unique and in-depth knowledge about what constitutes modern, reliable and innovative software and how that can be harnessed to help the modern manufacturer. If you are interested, please come to the presentation and join the discussion.
The Stage is a new educational and entertainment destination on the show floor that will serve as the location for a series of short, 30 minute educational and informational presentations. Due to high attendee request one of the primary uses of the stage will be for software presentations.
The Stage at AWFS links:
Expanded Automation Solutions Partnership with Schelling
Expanded Automation Solutions Partnership with Schelling
July 1st 2015
Schelling Austria, Schelling America and Eurosoft are pleased to expand on their partnership to provide modern automated solutions to customers in North America. Schelling, a leading manufacturer of woodworking machinery, will offer advanced equipment and operating software, including sophisticated multi-machine production lines. Eurosoft, a software solutions provider, will contribute software systems that complement Schelling's own, as well as integration services. Both parties embark optimistically on this new chapter in their partnership to bring powerful and modern manufacturing solutions to the North American market.
For more info on Schelling: