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Quick and simple parametric product design and cutlisting software

Establish templates for quick parametric import and manufacturing output

Speed and simplicity. The benefits of simple cutlisting software such as Framework

About Framework
Framework is an answer for companies who dont fit into the traditional CAD/CAM or 3D Design software solution box. Framework has a part and library construction component, but when compared to CAD/CAM and 3D design, it is much simpler and more powerful because the user has direct control of the code that controls the machining functions. CAD/CAM and 3D design softwares work in the same way but Framework strips out the intermediary CAD and drawing elements that those softwares rely on and instead provides the user with machining expressions that are used to generate any machining functionality required. The expressions form part templates which in turn are added to unit (product or library) templates. The end result: a parametric product catalog is available at the user's fingertips without all the mess of having to maintain a large file repository, which is the typical baggage of a CAD/CAM or design system. In conjunction with an ERP or by importing a CSV, perhaps a partslist for the daily production, you have a fully automated solution: the partslist is imported from the CSV or ERP, matched to the appropriate templates in Framework and Framework outputs data to the machines.
Define Part and Assembly Templates:
Define Part Machining:
Match Import-data to Templates OR create a new Order from the Library:
Export to Machines OR Output a Cutlist:
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