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COBUS Doors: Your gateway to success

For Frame Doors and/or blanks

A design solution unlike anything you've seen for door construction

COBUS Doors: Overview
About COBUS Doors
A "Module" specifically designed for door manufacturers using the powerful COBUS NCAD CAD/CAM software as it's foundation. A COBUS Door Module user immediately has access to all of NCAD's many features, including: CAD/CAM design functionality (for one-offs or construction methodology changes), timed 3D simulations, links to all machines and more. See COBUS NCAD features here: COBUS NCAD: Parametric CAD/CAM Software

The Doors module allows a user to easily design and automate the production of entry and interior doors. Each COBUS Door module is customized to the needs of the manufacturer using it, so that the profiles, hardware, machining, any other construction items and techniques match exactly to what that manufacturer offers their customers and how they build their doors. Designs are completely parametric and can be changed on the fly in order to adapt to new manufacturing conventions or customer changes. When the design is complete the manufacturing brain of NCAD kicks in to automate the positioning of parts in zones and on stop positions, automate pod and rail placement, detect collisions and generate the machining instructions.
- COBUS NCAD is included: All COBUS CAD/CAM functionality at your fingertips for on the fly additions or changes
- Most door styles available out of the box
- Doors are quickly built via manufacturer defined dialogs. Customized to your specifications and construction style
- Completely parametric door designs: If one part changes, any affected parts update to accomodate
- Design changes late in the process are easily corrected
- Documentation for in-house use and external: parts lists, material orders, quotes, 3D design visualization, sections, etc.
- Add on modules for greater functionality: Auto pod and rail, parts placement (zone and stop positions) and more
  • CAM Functionality
    CAM Functionality

    CAM Functionality

    Control every process and aspect of machining: Drilling, milling, sawing, creating pockets. For each process, control the lead ins/outs, tool compensations, feedrates, # of steps, machine stops and zero point offsets just to name a few

  • Parametric Layouts
    Adjustable, parametric Layouts

    Adjustable, parametric Layouts

    Door designs in COBUS Doors are not static, one-off designs. Each design is parametric and can be modified to new dimensions, styles, hardware, etc. This makes it easy to use each design as a template or quickly make changes to an existing design according to customer wishes

COBUS Doors At a glance
COBUS Doors at a glance
  • Automated CNC generation
    Automated CNC generation

    Automated CNC generation

    Automate the creation of machining instructions for the daily door production run (mail merge for CNCs!)

  • Timed 3D simulations
    Timed 3D simulations

    Timed 3D simulations

    Accurate 3D machining simulations help to visualize and time processes to reduce the need for unproductive test runs

  • Link to Machines
    Multiple Reporting Options

    Multiple Reporting Options

    Connect job and design data to your ERP or use the inbuilt, customizable reports (Include: quote; cutlists, frame & sections details, profile list, glass & panel & remove bead cutlist, & more)

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