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COBUS Nesting: A Pattern for Success

COBUS Nesting: NCAD at its core

COBUS Nesting: Rectangular and True-Shape

About COBUS Nesting
A router based parts nesting solution, with NCAD as its foundation. COBUS nesting takes full advantage of computer processing and the multi-axis movement capabilities of CNCs to determine the best placement of parts on raw sheets of material for maximum yield and tool efficiency. Options for nesting results include part-in-part patterns as well as placement strategies to prevent parts moving due to the loss of suction (tabbing, small to large part sizes, etc.) on the router table. Parts and sheets can be imported from an ERP system, CSV or spreadsheet and parts can be set up as parametric templates so that they are imported and adjusted according to the current job specifications via automatic processing.
- Computed part placement and rotation: Automatically determined in seconds vs time spent if done manually
- High Yield: True-shape and part-in-part nesting options provide maximum yield and the least waste
- Multiple yield calculation options
- Multiple nesting strategies to overcome common CNC handicaps
- Automatic scrap (remnants or offcuts)
- Automatic labeling

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  • Part Nesting for Routers
    Part Nesting for Routers

    Part Nesting for Routers

    COBUS Nesting uses mathematical algorithms to automatically determine the best placement and rotation of a group of parts on a sheet of raw material to provide the best yield. Save time, save material, save money.

  • True-Shape Nesting
    True-Shape Nesting

    True-Shape Nesting

    The actual geometry of the part is used, rather than transcribing in a rectangular shape as in a classic "tiled" nest. Part-in-part nesting, placing smaller parts within larger parts that have internal "voids" that would otherwise have been scrapped, is also possible.

COBUS Nest At a glance
COBUS Nesting at a glance
  • Modern User Interface
    Modern User-Interface

    Modern User-Interface

    A complete update to the Nesting UI was released in 2017, making use of all the most modern graphical tools and reorganizing important info into a simpler, easier to use design

  • Improved Performance
    Improved Performance

    Improved Performance

    Faster results and greater accessibility

  • High Yield
    High Yield

    High Yield

    Tried and tested at numerous installations around the world

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